What in the World Is Ezra’s Art?

What in the World Is Ezra's Art?

What in the World Is Ezra’s Art?

Ezra is a seven-year-old boy who likes cheese-flavored ice cream, flying off the couch with his superhero cape, and peeling dried glue off his fingers. And he LOVES making art. Every day at Braddock Elementary, he doodles, draws, paints, and crafts with abandon. When he makes something, the entire world melts away, his heart feels warm, and his entire body wants to wiggle. But there is one problem. Even though he loves making it, no one understands it.

In this heartwarming picture book, little Ezra questions whether he should continue to make art when his parents, teachers, and classmates don’t seem to get, or even like, his creations. What in the World Is Ezra’s Art explores the question: Can he feel good about his art when no one else does?


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