The Anti-Ableist Manifesto

The Anti-Ableist Manifesto Book Cover

The Anti-Ableist Manifesto

Founder of advocacy organization Diversability and creator of the viral Anti-Ableism Series on TikTok, Tiffany Yu’s revelatory examination of disability—how to unpack your biases and build a disability-inclusive and accessible world.

The Anti-Ableist Manifesto defines ableism as discrimination in favor of non-disabled people and helps readers understand that ending discrimination begins with self-reflection. Tiffany Yu celebrates the power of stories and lived experiences to foster the proximity, intimacy, and humanity of disability identities that have far too often been “othered” and rendered invisible.

As the Asian American daughter of immigrants, living with PTSD and a permanent arm injury sustained at age nine, Yu is well aware of the intersections of identity that affect us all. She navigated the male-dominated world of corporate finance as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs before founding Diversability, an award-winning community business run by disabled people building disability pride, power, and leadership.

Organized from the personal to the professional, the domestic to the political, the Me to the We to the Us, The Anti-Ableist Manifesto frames context for conversations, breaks down the language of ableism, identifies microaggressions, and proposes real actions that lead to genuine and authentic allyship.

  • How do we remove ableist language from our daily vocabulary?
  • What are the advantages of hiring disabled employees?
  • How do we create inclusive events?
  • What market opportunity are we missing out on when we don’t consider disabled consumers?

The Anti-Ableist Manifesto is an essential book for any ally to go beyond mere awareness to being an active anti-ableist and help form a more equitable society for all.


Tiffany A. Yu

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