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My book is about the women in tech who use their coding superpowers and some essential traits of supergirls to break society’s expectations of what it means to be a woman who codes and pave the way for the future of technology.

My name is Sophie Maniscalco and I am the author of Supergirls. I wrote this book because, as a woman in tech myself, I know how important it is to see and hear about other women in tech who have paved the way. I wanted to tell the stories of these women in order to hopefully inspire other women out there to pursue what they are passionate about – whether or not that be coding!

My hope is that, in reading this book, you will discover what it truly means to be a supergirl and that you will be inspired by the stories of the women all around you who have unfortunately often gone unrecognized. In this book, I hope to instill the same sort of passion and excitement that I have for coding in you. And then ultimately I want you to see this book as a tool to help you become a supergirl yourself and unlock your full potential and pursue your passion.

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