Reimagine Inclusion

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Reimagine Inclusion

Reimagining what inclusion can look like in our organizations starts with understanding why these 13 DEI myths are not true―with practical and effective strategies for implementing transformative inclusivity.

In Reimagine Inclusion, veteran DEI leader Mita Mallick debunks 13 myths that hold us back from transforming our workplaces. She delivers powerful storytelling combined with practical and hands on ways for us to be more inclusive leaders. She teaches us that when we show up as more inclusive leaders, we have the power to change our organizations, ultimately creating a ripple effect across our ecosystem. You’ll learn how to understand, confront, and mitigate your own biases as you commit to do the work that starts with yourself. You’ll also discover how to coach future leaders, how to be intentional about how you lead in your organization―both in public and behind closed doors―and how you can become an active participant in building your workplace’s culture.

Reimagine Inclusion walks you through how to: understand the leader’s journey in your organization, interrupt bias at every key decision point, and transform your organization’s systems, processes, and policies to improve inclusivity at every level. This is a must have resource for managers and executives, founders and CEOs. Reimagine Inclusion is for anyone with a stake in building more inclusive, empathetic and resilient organizations, where each and every one of us can thrive.


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