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Women Are Being Pushed Off the Edge of the Glass Cliff. Here’s What That Means and What to Do About It.

You’ve probably heard of the glass ceiling when it comes to women in the workplace, but the “glass cliff” is just as harmful.

Whereas the glass ceiling is a metaphor for the barrier women face in the workplace, the “glass cliff” builds on that idea — it’s the phenomenon in which female executives are only given leadership roles in seemingly impossible situations like crises, economic collapses or negative public relations incidents. Women are seen as the right choice to clean up a mess, but not to lead when times are good. Even today, there are recent examples of this including Marissa Mayer’s tenure at Yahoo, Jill Soltau’s time overseeing the collapse of J.C. Penney, Peggy Johnson at Magic Leap and Heyward Donigan at Rite Aid. ···

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