Resources Guidelines

Please read the guidelines below prior to contributing a resource.

Which resources can I help with?

  • Women in STEM/STEAM organizations
  • Non-STEM/STEAM organizations supporting Women in any industry
  • Student organizations and clubs supporting Women in STEM/STEAM/Other
  • Public reoccurring events (conference, summit, hackathon, meetup, webinar, panel discussion, etc)
  • Women in STEM/STEAM/Other related literature and blogs
  • Organizations assisting with internship, apprenticeship, and employment recruitment

Please note: Each submission will undergo a rigorous internal review prior to being added as a resource. Every resource should always, and above-all, represent a Safe Space, and promote Diversity and Inclusion for every Woman in STEM. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank You for helping, caring, and sharing insightful and invaluable resources to Empower Women in STEM!