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Featured Stories

Beyond Expertise: Women 2.0 and Girl Geek X Founder Angie Chang

The slash entrepreneur Angie Chang shares her career path and her efforts in creating a positive female working environment in the tech industry.

Starting her journey as a web designer in high school and later transitioning into a social welfare student at UC Berkeley, Angie Chang explored many different career opportunities during her youth. Following these experiences, she started her first engineering job at a venture-funded startup in Palo Alto, California. She’s since gained experience in a number of different roles, from engineering to product management and business development.

In 2008, Angie co-founded Women 2.0 and Girl Geek X, both of which aim to create connections between women and technology. She also started hosting Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners at tech companies like Google and Facebook to further the connections and opportunities she is creating for women in technology. ···

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‘Take Me Home’ Director Liz Sargent on a New Kind of Disability Storytelling (Guest Column)

When I set out to make my short film Take Me Home, I wanted to raise questions about our responsibilities to family as we grow older. The film captures a feared transitional moment for families that include a loved one who cannot live on their own: What is inherited? How do we navigate the hurdles of the American health care system when we are living on the margins of life?

I grew up as the middle child of 11. My adoptive parents had four biological children, then adopted seven more - six of whom are Korean, several with disabilities. We grew up in a John Hughes-esque suburb of America on a picturesque street. Our family stood out whether we liked it or not. Inside the house, however, adoption and disability were the norm. Everyone was the same, because everyone was different. ···

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Sarah Bond Makes History As The First Black Woman President At Xbox

Microsoft has appointed Sarah Bond as the president of Xbox. According to Black Girl Gamers, Bond is the first Black woman to hold such a role at a major multinational gaming company.

Bond has been with Microsoft for almost seven years. In 2017, she joined the company as a Corporate Vice President of Gaming Partnerships and Business Development.

While in this role, she led business development, partner management, and M&A for the Xbox Division while also being the executive sponsor of Blacks @ Microsoft Employee Resource Group.

She then led the product and experience for game creators across all Microsoft software, including Xbox, Azure, and Microsoft 365, in her new role as Corporate Vice President at Xbox.

She was responsible for helping to improve the gaming experience and bringing the expertise and ecosystem to more gamers. ···

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Bianca Bustamante joins the McLaren Driver Development programme and will represent McLaren and ART

18-year-old racing driver from the Philippines, Bianca Bustamante, has signed with the McLaren Driver Development programme for the upcoming 2024 F1 Academy season. Bustamante is set to drive for ART Grand Prix in her second year in the all-women junior formula category, proudly representing McLaren Racing and sporting their iconic “Papaya” team livery throughout the year.

Being the first female driver to be enrolled in McLaren's esteemed driver development initiative marks a significant milestone for the Filipina teen, not only in her professional racing career but also on her journey up the motorsport ladder. The programme creates a potential talent pipeline for not only McLaren Formula 1 Team, but also the Arrow McLaren Indycar Team and the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team. By joining the McLaren Driver Development programme under the guidance of former McLaren test driver, Formula 1 driver, and Le Mans winner, Emanuele Pirro, Bustamante's racing career will reach new heights as the team is fully devoted to helping her unlock and maximize her true potential on and off the track. ···

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‘Bamboo ceiling’ Asian Americans face in the workplace is disconcertingly sturdy

The Supreme Court decision striking down race-based affirmative action in university admissions, based on the charge that Harvard discriminates against Asian Americans, actually obscures the more insidious and widespread forms of bias that many Asian Americans face.

Asian Americans are not underrepresented in university classrooms. Where they are underrepresented is in the boardroom and the C-suite. Among the Fortune 500, only 2.4% of CEOs are Asian, two-thirds of whom are South Asian. Many Asian Americans — and especially East Asians (with origins in China, Korea and Japan) — find themselves hitting a “bamboo ceiling.” It’s here, in the workplace, where affirmative action has an important role to play in the lives and livelihoods of Asian Americans — one that the Supreme Court has put in jeopardy. ···

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The Miami Marlins’ Kim Ng is the first female GM to lead an MLB team to the playoffs

In many ways, the Miami Marlins locker room Saturday night after the team clinched a playoff spot was a familiar scene: the usual sprays of beer and champagne, the usual smiles and hugs and cheers.

But the locker room playoff party had one thing Major League Baseball has never seen before: The general manager graciously receiving those pours of booze from ecstatic players was a woman.

Kim Ng, 54, became the first woman to get the top executive job at an MLB team when longtime Yankee great Derek Jeter helped hire her to the Marlins in 2020. ···

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The Pregnancy Penalty: Dismantling Stigmas In The Workplace

Pregnancy can be one of the most transformative experiences in a woman's life. But for many, a positive test also heightens anxiety about one's career, and how others will react to the news. During my first pregnancy I gained weight early on, and remember one of my bosses saying it looked like I had one too many client lunches. I hadn't told anyone. I then felt compelled to share the news sooner than planned. ···

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How to empower female entrepreneurs who are changing the game in tech

Despite a vacillating economy, the startup landscape is showing promising signs of a resurgence. Startup accelerator Y Combinator’s applications rose by 20% in 2022, with the number of applications at the start of this year increasing fivefold. Buzzworthy technologies—from generative artificial intelligence (AI) and data clean rooms to free ad-supported streaming television (FAST)—are sparking newfound inspiration and innovation across industries.

Amidst this surge within the startup economy, however, an adverse trend persists: Women remain underrepresented, especially in tech. ···

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A Celebration Of Disabled Changemakers And Their Impact

Tiffany Yu, a former Goldman Sachs Banker and a Director at Revolt, a company co-founded by P. Diddy, has since found her powerful passion in disability rights advocacy and community building, leading to the creation of Diversability “an award-winning social enterprise to rebrand disability through the power of community”. Today, Diversability has more than 5,700 members, and expanded their digital network to over 70,000.

Born from her experience as a disability advocate in college, she considers herself a community builder first, disability advocate second, and entrepreneur third. Yu’s journey in the corporate world was punctuated by active involvement in disability employee resource groups. It was there that her entrepreneurial spirit was ignited, leading to the rebirth of Diversability. ···

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